Rates include travel fee and session preparation time

Gold Speech, Inc. does not accept insurance

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Children And Adults

$18045-minute individual session at your location
$23060-minute individual session at your location
$2751 hr, 15 minute individual session at your location
$140/participant60-minute small group session at your location

Prorated Services

Billed at $190/hour prorated to duration of completion

Case intake

Report writing

Phone consultations

Free of Charge

Monthly statements to submit to insurance or employer

Paragraph summary to share with your doctor or teacher

Email correspondence regarding scheduling, therapy, etc


Assessments do not include written reports

$3251.5 hour articulation and oral motor evaluation for specific sound errors
$3251.5 hour speech and language evaluation for children under 3 years
$3251.5 hour social skills evaluation
$3251.5 hour voice evaluation
$3251.5 hour feeding and swallowing evaluation
$4252.0 hour fluency evaluation including analysis of speech sample
$5152.5 hour PROMPT evaluation for children with apraxia and other speech motor disorders
$5151.5 hour comprehensive phonological evaluation for children with low intelligibility and several sound error patterns, with 1 hour additional detailed analysis after testing is completed
$6003.0 hour evaluation of speech AND receptive and expressive language for children 3 and 4 years of age (conducted over two separate days)
$8004.0 hour evaluation of speech production AND receptive and expressive language for children 5 years and over (conducted over two separate days)
$8004.0 hour evaluation of language WITH auditory processing component for children 5 years and over (conducted over two separate days)
​$2301.0 hour continuation of assessment on a different day if not already included
Combinations of any of the above – Customized Pricing

Assessment of current skill level is done using parent/caretaker/client interview, standardized and criterion-referenced evaluation tools, observation of social interaction and communication skills, and clinical analysis of speech and language samples. Results of the evaluation are given verbally and explained at the time of the assessment, or in a follow up phone call. We do not write evaluation reports unless specifically requested ahead of time. Any needed reports are billed at $190/hour for write-up time (typically 1-3 hours depending on the extent of the evaluation done.) The clinician will make a recommendation for frequency of therapy. Appropriate goals are developed with the client’s input to focus on aspects that will most benefit overall communication and align with the client’s priorities and values. Printed resources will be provided and reviewed at the time of the visit.

Payment and Reimbursement

Payment is due at the time of service and should be made to Gold Speech, Inc. directly.  At your request, we will provide a monthly statement (aka “superbill” or “paid invoice”) which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  Dawn works with clients directly to set up payment as part of the intake process.  Associates come to your location to provide their clinical expertise and should not be asked to handle payments or invoicing.

Types of payments accepted:

Personal or bank check made out to Gold Speech

Credit card payments via Square

Please Note: Gold Speech, Inc. does not accept insurance.

Gold Speech, Inc. is a private-pay practice with a fee-for-service model.  We are considered out-of-network and are not affiliated with any insurance companies.  Any reports or progress updates required by your insurance company for reimbursement of services will be billed at an hourly rate of $190 prorated to the duration of completion.

Gold Speech, Inc. does not serve as a liaison between you and your insurance company, nor as an advocate for reimbursement of services. Please check with your specific plan ahead of time to understand any deductibles, out-of-network reimbursement rates and copays. The information below will help you navigate what your reimbursement amount will be.

Billing codes for insurance reimbursement

The CPT code (Current Procedural Terminology) for an individual session of speech/language therapy is 92507.

The CPT code for an individual session of feeding and swallowing therapy is 92526.

The CPT code for a group session speech/language therapy is 92508.

The CPT code for an evaluation of speech production (eg, articulation, phonological processes, apraxia, dysarthria) is 92522.

The CPT code for an evaluation of both speech sound production AND language comprehension and expression (eg, receptive and expressive language) is 92523.

The CPT code for an evaluation of speech fluency (eg, stuttering, cluttering) is 92521.

The CPT code for an evaluation of voice and resonance, including qualitative and behavioral analysis, is 92524.

The CPT codes for telephone consultations are 98966 (5-10 minutes); 98967 (11-20 minutes); and 98968 (21-30 minutes.)

The CPT codes for in-person interdisciplinary meetings are 99366 if client is present and 99368 if client is not present.