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July 2017
Dawn is a wonderful speech therapist!  She is kind, caring, patient, professional, and really good with kids.  My son went to her to correct some speech issues he was having.  In her initial evaluation, she identified the issues and explained everything to me and answered all my questions.  Dawn had weekly sessions with my son for 6 months and there has definitely been great improvement in my son's speech.  Even his teacher at school noticed!  Dawn makes her sessions fun and interesting for the kids.  I really liked that she assigned skills and sounds for my son to practice in between sessions.  I am continuing to use these assignments to maintain the progress he has made.  Dawn is great to work with. Her invoices are prompt and she is easy to communicate with.  We feel really fortunate to have found such a great speech therapist.  Thank you Dawn!

December 2016

​"My 2-year-old son had weekly sessions with Dawn for 10 months. Her gentle and cheerful manner quickly made him comfortable, and he soon looked forward with excitement to her visits. For him, the therapy just seemed like play, and Dawn was quick to adapt what she was doing to his interests or mood of the day. She also graciously included my other children in the sessions, encouraging them to help their younger brother and giving them tools for engaging with him. She was easy to work with, flexible in scheduling when we had conflicts, reliable about reminders and invoices, and impressively on-the-ball about paperwork and details. I also found value in watching the sessions for examples of good parenting. She modeled ways that I could continue "therapy" in our daily interactions. I had a mixed reaction when my son tested above-average for verbal skills: I was thrilled he was now able to communicate, but also sad to to no longer have Dawn in our home every week. Dawn is top-notch, and I absolutely recommend her."  -A.

September 2016

"I'm a college student and I went to Dawn for help with a mild speech impediment. Dawn gave me specific advice and practices each lesson that kept me motivated and helped me feel like I was progressing. And the awesome part was that I really was progressing; I improved more in 7 weeks with Dawn than I did in months practicing on my own.  And once my sounds improved Dawn shifted our focus to my intonation. Shifting focus helped transition the technical speech skills to real conversation.  In addition to all the awesome technical information she gave me, Dawn was wonderful to work with. She has an exceptionally warm personality. I felt like we were a team and that she genuinely wanted to see me improve.  I'm thankful that I found Dawn and I highly recommend her to anyone with speech difficulties."  -J.M.

September 2016​
​"Dawn's warm personality was an immediate draw for my daughter who instantly warmed up to her and was comfortable from the very first appointment.  Dawn is very genuine and loving, yet firm enough to get my daughter to stretch herself in speech therapy.  Her extensive knowledge of the appropriate treatment for my daughter was reassuring. I highly recommend her!"  -L.G.

​September 2016
"Dawn has worked with our family for 2 years.  She began with our daughter when she was in 1st grade, and as a result she has made significant improvement in her speech.  Dawn noticed a speech impediment in our older child as well, and we have recently started having Dawn work with both kids.  Dawn works hard to make the sessions fun for the kids while also delivering tangible improvements.  We are fortunate that our insurance covers Dawn's services, and Dawn is always prompt in sending a monthly itemized statement that we submit to our insurance company.  Dawn is also  prompt in starting and ending her sessions on time.  We have been very happy with her services.  And we found her through Yelp!"  -K.D.

August 2016
"Dawn was referred to us by our 4 yr old daughter's preschool teacher as we were getting concerned about her speech development. When we first met Dawn, she was very personable but also very professional and knowledgable. She was very good with my daughter and was able to connect with her instantly. Through play based therapy and observations (which lasted more than two hours), Dawn was able to make a very thorough assessment of my daughter's speech and she was also very patient and thorough in going over the details of her observations with me and my husband. You could tell that she really cares about the well being of the child and that really shows through her interaction with my daughter and her recommendation for the parents. I really enjoyed meeting Dawn and she was just such a pleasure to work with, from the initial contact all the way to the end of our assessment session (and even afterwards). What is even more amazing is that after that initial session, my daughter's speech just suddenly improved and has been talking non-stop ever since. Even though she's only met Dawn for two hours, she would still ask me about "Teacher Dawn" from time to time. I don't know what Dawn did but she's awesome! "  -E.C.

 March 2016
"Dawn started one on one sessions with our son (then 6 years old) in the summer of 2014. She made accurate behavioral observations and could therefore decided on effective goals for my son to achieve. She uses various strategies, exercises and games each session making it enjoyable as well as educational. She has a vast amount of knowledge in her field. She would write annual reports each year to provide both parents and teachers with helpful strategies (one of the reports also included images of how the mouth and tongue should be). She is positive with our son and has a built a trusted relationship which is greatly valued. We are greatly appreciative that Dawn has been a part of our son's speech therapy and would recommend her to anyone."  -M.R.

February 2016
"Dawn has been working with my preschool-aged daughter for over a year now. My daughter started with a significant speech delay, but she's made quite a bit of improvement under Dawn's care.   I really appreciate how much Dawn has also been a resource for me and my husband as we learn about our daughters speech issues. Dawn has provided us with a large set of skills and practices we can use to support our daughter's development at home, between sessions.  Dawn makes my daughter's therapy fun and engaging. My daughter is very young, and Dawn has the skills and experience to keep the therapy playful, but still effective. It's important to me that my daughter enjoys spending time with Dawn and likes to work on speech--I think Dawn's approach gives my daughter the best chance for resolving her speech issues."  -L.R.

February 2016

​"Dawn worked with our son for about a year when he was three years old.  At the time, he was not speaking very much and the words he did speak were not clear and often difficult to understand.  Dawn has a very warm and caring approach.  Our son was immediately comfortable with her and quickly became very engaged in the sessions.  She worked with him to improve his enunciation which in turn improved his overall confidence in speaking.  Our son is now 8 and is a confident student and avid reader.  We are extremely happy with the results of his time with Dawn."  -K.H.

August 2015
"I am pleased to recommend Dawn to parents seeking speech therapy for their children.  Dawn has been working with our daughter for approximately one year, and we've seen incredible improvements.  After completing her initial diagnosis with our daughter, Dawn outlined a detailed plan for improvement.  She does a great job of making learning fun while achieving results.  Dawn has also proven to be a great partner, engaging my wife and me in the learning process through regular homework and tracking.  In short, Dawn is a serious professional who makes the journey fun, all while driving strong results."  -R.D.

May 2015
"We had the pleasure of working with Dawn in May 2015 for 2 months. My 4 year old son was terrified and traumatized by doctors or therapist because of a really bad experience with a LPCH speech therapist when he was 2 yo and I didn't have the heart to put him through it again although in hindsight I probably should have. Fast forward 2 years later and our new pediatrician recommended Dawn! Upon meeting her, my son had an instant liking to her. We met at a park and dawn played with my son while "working"...it was awesome! And as a parent, my nerves slowly started to ease. We met once a week for about 8 weeks...and in those 8 weeks I saw great improvement with my son's speech and vocab. My son had a warm affection toward Dawn and looked forward to his speech sessions which were at the mountain view library. Dawn read books, played board games, and allowed me to video tape as well for my husband to review at home. Her methods of therapy was exactly what my son needed to get out of his shell and to find comfort in therapy again! Unfortunately we had to stop our sessions because I was expecting my second son and was going on maternity leave and the 45 min commute to the sessions was taking a toll on me. My son still fondly remembers Dawn and we would recommend her without hesitation. We are very grateful to have crossed paths with her and wish we met her when my son was 2yo rather than 4yo!"  -D.L.

January 2015
"I have worked with Dawn Gold for 2 years in the Los Altos School District.  Considering I work in a school that has several different languages spoken, it has been a relief having Dawn on the same team.  With her excellent Spanish language skills and her understanding of the cultural differences, Dawn has greatly improved the assessment process for these students.  Dawn is excellent with communication.  She is able to explain her test results to parents, so they clearly understand their child’s language strengths and weaknesses.  She is patient and respectful of other team members.  Dawn is generous with her time, and enjoys collaborating with other staff members.  I feel very privileged having worked with Dawn.  She is an excellent Speech and Language Pathologist and I would have no reservations recommending her."  -S.H.

October 2014
"Dawn is wonderful. My son has been working with her for four months now and has made a lot of progress. She's extremely positive and direct. She's makes sessions not only instructive, but also fun for him. She gives me regular update about his progress and helps me learn how to help him in between sessions. She's given us lot of outside support, including reviewing and providing feedback on the short practice videos we do in between sessions. It's so nice to know that it's clearly personally important to her to see my son develop better skills. I can't recommend her enough. "

October 2014 
"I wanted to recommend our amazing speech therapist, whom we found via PAMP.  Her name is Dawn Gold, and she is currently doing in-home therapy -- which worked great for our busy schedules and the fact that I'm juggling more than one kid.  She would come over and work with one of my guys, and I'd go about my business at home or keep the other kids occupied in another room.  Dawn came in to work with my son 1-2x/week for just about a month, and in that time she helped him achieve his goals very quickly.  He loved working with her, and I appreciated how kind but rigorous her work with him was. It was also a nice glimpse into something a bit more "academic" for him, and he really took to it.  (I say "academic," but it's still quite play-based and fun.)  One other amazing thing about Dawn was that when she felt like he had achieved his goals, she told me that her work with  him on that was done and that we could just be in touch in the future should he regress.  I was really impressed that she didn't want to see him for months on end but was instead happy to graduate him!"  -L.

October 2014
"[My son's] speech is in SUCH good shape.  It's unbelievable to me how much he has improved since starting with you. Last night he was working hard on saying, "CLASSROOM."  Sounded pretty good!"

September 2014
"My 8 year old is very interested in public speaking and acting and has great stage presence but also had a strong lisp. Her school finally qualified her for speech therapy at the end of 3rd grade and my daughter saw Dawn for continuity over the summer. It made a huge difference: both the one on one setting as well as Dawn's expertise in recognizing root causes, tailoring weekly exercises and adjusting the level of practice to her student's physical, mental and emotional maturity. When my daughter went back to school her speech teacher saw a drastic improvement. Thanks Dawn!"  - A.L.

August 2014
"Hi Everyone - We recently started working with a speech therapist named Dawn Gold and she is AMAZING. I have been blown away by her skill level and expertise. We found her by referral from Amy Travers who works with Dr. Lori Bond." -E.K. 

July 2011 
"Hi. I'm a mother of a now 3yr old little boy who with the great help of Dawn now speaks everything. I started taking my son to Dawn when he was 2Yrs/4mos, at the time he only spoke max 5 words. Dawn is a great therapist that within a month my son picked up much more words.  I have a set of twins who are also in need of speech therapy, and I'm hoping Dawn is available to help me with  them too. Not only is Dawn a great therapist but a great person, I highly recommend her! two thumbs ups!!"

June 2011
"About 1 year ago I noticed that my voice quality was getting progessively worse; specifically, the loudness and clarity of my speech.  After a visit with my otolaryngologist, who suggested that I see a speech therapist, I met Ms. Dawn Gold. Ms. Gold - a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist - suggested that we plan on 16 one-hour therapy sessions, twice per week over 8 weeks ... There will also be daily homework assignments.   In the early sessions she explained the voice generation physiology and what the therapy sessions are designed to accomplish. She was very knowledgeable in the subject matter and I was quite impressed with her presentation and patience when explaining the issues.  In summary, the time spent in the therapy sessions and homework assignments under  Ms. Gold's directions and tutelage was extremely valuable in accomplishing the goals to improve both my voice loudness and clarity."  - I.C.​​